Juno-Award winning, Canadian alternative power pop band The Pursuit of Happiness (TPOH), released a remastered deluxe edition of their 1988 debut album, Love Junk, on September 21, in celebration of the 30th anniversary since its release. The 2CD Deluxe housed in a digipak includes a 24-page booklet and the special 2LP Deluxe edition is housed in a triple gatefold and includes a special 12 x 12 LP sized booklet.  The booklets for both editions contains brand new liner notes with interviews from band members past & present, written by David Wild, an Emmy nominated TV writer, best-selling author and a longstanding contributing editor to Rolling Stone. The booklet also includes archival photographs both licensed and from the band’s personal archives, many which have never been seen.

Love Junk was originally produced by long-time collaborator Todd Rundgren and went on to be certified platinum in Canada. Today it is recognized as one of the Top 100 debut albums ever released, anywhere! The deluxe edition of the album includes unreleased demo and live versions, along with the original indie tracks that were recorded and released that landed the band their deal with Chrysalis Records in 1988. Along with the stand out track, “I’m An Adult Now”, the album is known for its alternative radio staples “Killed By Love”, “Hard to Laugh” and “She’s So Young”.


CD 1

  1. Hard To Laugh
  2. Ten Fingers
  3. I’m An Adult Now
  4. She’s So Young
  5. Consciousness Raising As Social Tool
  6. Walking In The Woods
  7. Beautiful White
  8. When The Sky Comes Falling Down
  9. Looking For Girls
  10. Man’s Best Friend
  11. Tree Of Knowledge
  12. Killed By Love
  13. Down On Him
CD 2
  1. I’m An Adult Now (Original 1986 version)
  2. Let My People Go (The Todd Rundgren sessions)
  3. Walking In The Woods (Demo)
  4. Handsomest Man and Prettiest Girl (Live)
  5. All That You Got Me For Christmas (Demo)
  6. Wake Up and Smell Cathy (Demo)
  7. Take You With Me (The Todd Rundgren Sessions)
  8. Shave Your Legs (Demo)
  9. Master (Live)
  10. She’s So Young (Original 1986 version)
  11. Killed By Love (Original 1986 version)
  12. If You Feel That Way (Demo)
  13. Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Live)

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