2014 Music Express Awards – Voting OPEN

2014 Music Express Awards – Voting OPEN

It’s that time of year again – the time when you, our readers, get to vote for your favourites from the Canadian music industry to determine who will win a 2014 Music Express Award!

All nominations for the 2014 Music Express were selected by a committee of Music Express writers and photographers…but it is you the Music Express reader who will determine the eventual winners of each category.

Curious who won last year? Click Here!

To vote, just share this post on Facebook or Twitter and then make your selections from the nominations revealed below. Voting closes March 1st. Be sure to tell your friends and share so that the bands you like and support can get the recognition they deserve!

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Long & McQuade, Canada’s leading music instrument retailers, with 61 locations nationwide, are this year’s sponsors of the 2014 Music Express Awards. The 12 category winners will each receive a specially designed Ampex 515 microphone award.

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86 thoughts on “2014 Music Express Awards – Voting OPEN

  1. Joanne Ricard

    Please vote for The Cooper Brothers..great music, great band, great down to earth people.

  2. Prn Ross

    Hugh Dillon and the Headstones

  3. Heather D

    The Cooper Brothers 40 years strong!!

  4. Johnny

    Voted for April Wine even though they haven’t played clubs in several years.

    1. conny

      WRONG! They played The Roxy in Owen Sound a month ago.

    2. MUSIC FAN

      the Winos are always playing clubs WTF

  5. Dragonz Fyre

    Headstones and Hugh Dillon…no question…You sound absolutely amazing! You have made an epic return and this is so well deserved. Rock on guys! Niagara NYE kicked ass!

  6. Jennifer Mudring

    Hugh Dillon and the Headstones

  7. Lucy Meza

    Hugh Dillon for top male vocalist and the Hadstones for most kickass band!

  8. binthiswayforyears

    Absolutely Hugh Dillon & the Headstones!!

  9. Paul

    Headstones ROCK !!

  10. Paul

    Headstones ROCK

  11. Sue Cooper

    Voting for The Cooper Brothers!!!
    Comeback of the Year!!!

  12. Indisputably no question……Hugh Dillon and the Headstones!

  13. Dianne / Smilenwaven

    Voting for @theheadstones and @realhughdillon!

  14. Jeannette


  15. Yvon Champigny


  16. Andrew Cox

    HEADSTONES. Hands down.

  17. mary townsend

    Hugh Dillon and The Headstones too win it all

  18. Hmmm….curious as to why the Headstones aren’t also included in the “Come Back of the Year” category or am I missing something here????

  19. Laura Stimers McGreal


  20. A lil tricky getting this voting thing to work Im hoping it registered this time!

  21. Trina

    Headstones ! Hugh Dillon ! Longwaytoneverland ! Absolutely kick ass rocknroll

  22. Trina

    Love&Fury 2014 ! Headstones .. Best Canadian rocknroll absolutely !

  23. Sue

    Voting for The Cooper Brothers – Comeback of the Year!!!

  24. Jennifer Mudring

    GUYS U can VOTE 4 @realhughdillon & @theheadstones LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN 2014 Music Express Awards ‹ @MusicExpressCA

  25. Charlene Borda

    HEADSTONES all the way..rock on guys

  26. Thanks Kirk the Music Express Techy who got the full Ballot voting sheet working for me so I could vote the highly deserved Hugh and Headstones! in all their nominated categories…whoop!whoop!

  27. Maureen King

    I vote for the Cooper Brothers Band for comeback of the year. 40 years strong and such great music!

  28. Douglas Maher

    RUSH will clean house on this.

  29. sanford

    if your listing to music and it`s not RUSH, it just isn`t music

  30. Steve Warren

    I vote for The Glorious Sons!

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