Platinum Blonde – Now & Never

(Fontana North) Toss away any preconceptions of Platinum Blonde being another rehashed classic rock band. Fueled by the inclusion of two new members; bassist Rob Laidlaw and drummer Daniel Todd, vocalist Mark Holmes and guitarist Sergio Galli score with 10 tracks that bristle with a vibrancy that demand attention. Credit producer Murray Daigle with shaping the band’s dance/rock awareness in which Galli’s sonic guitar work is suggestive of vintage Oasis meeting the power of The Cult. Add to this a maturity in Holmes vocals and a timeliness in his compositions with tracks like the lead-off `Beautiful’, the melodic power of `We Are Calling’ and the driving force of`Garden’. A batch of songs which establish a promising new direction for what is in fact a brand new musical force. Blondemania rises again!

Suggested Downloads: Beautiful, We Are Calling, Garden

Now & Never - Platinum Blonde

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