The Tragically Hip – Now For Plan A

(Universal) He’s done it again! Gord Downie will have pundits scrambling through their McNally Maps to figure out where the hell is Attawapiskat as in “Goodnight Attawapiskat”( of course it’s that Indian reserve that’s been crying for mobile housing). A trademark brainteaser in an album that reflects all the band’s positive virtues, stinging guitars swirling around Gord Downie’s poetic phraseology. Their debut single, “Streets Ahead” has a raw punky feel while the album’s title track is a moody, sombre effort which reflects the band’s growing maturity going into their 13th record. It’s a foregone conclusion that the Hip will never adapt a radio-friendly stance yet they continue to create absorbing music that challenges the listener as well as entertains them. Another solid effort.

Suggested Downloads: Streets Ahead, The Modern Spirit, Take Forever

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