‘High School Dropout’ by Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams – High School Dropout Live Performance:

“It’s funny how it turns around.”

The new Neon Dreams single “High School Dropout” is dedicated to all of the creators and dreamers out there facing the same challenges frontman Frank Kadillac once did.

During his teenage years, Frank struggled with his grades and often felt ashamed of his academic shortcomings. Believing he was a failure, Frank dropped out of school and searched for an education outside of the conventional institutions.

This fall Frank posted the following message on his Instagram account. The response was so overwhelming, it inspired him to write “High School Dropout”:

“I failed school… but I got pushed through… then I dropped out. I couldn’t learn the way everybody else did. So I taught myself the things I wanted to know and put myself around people that lived the life I wanted. My teacher was observation and my best friend was my gut feeling. If you feel like a failure because you’re not getting great marks, know that you’re not! They just don’t know how to teach people like us yet – the emotionally smart people.”

“High School Dropout” is not a song telling kids it’s okay to quit, it’s a song encouraging them to explore all of the options in order to make their dreams come true. Co-written by Nathan Ferraro and co-produced by Michael Wise, the team behind Bulow’s “Not A Love Song” and Johnny Orlando’s “What If,” this rousing, EDM-pop anthem captures the fun and energy we’ve come to expect from Neon Dreams.

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