Serena Ryder Releases Anticipated Album The Art Of Falling Apart

Six-time Juno Award winner and renowned mental health advocate Serena Ryder has released her anticipated album The Art of Falling Apart today. The new music has an immediacy to it, both due to its driving pop sound which is bursting with irresistible rhythms, pulsing bass lines, and the full range of Serena’s powerful and expressive voice, as well as the recording process that birthed it.

The album was produced in just 10 days alongside Simon Wilcox, Gordie Sampson and Tawgs Salter (The Architects).  The album is heralded by the release of “Used to You” which is available now for download and streaming now.  Fans can click here to stream or download the album now.

Of the new album, Serena says “The Art of Falling Apart chronicles my mental wellness journey. For years I tried to walk a path of healing, hoping that one day I would finally arrive. Now, I’m realizing that I’m only either walking towards or away from myself, my truth. Neither good nor bad, both directions lead to wisdom and familiarity with a broader terrain. I’ve found the beauty in allowing myself to fall apart, and wisdom from sitting in the uncomfortable moments. These are steps I took to find my way back to myself.”

Serena Ryder
Serena Ryder

Each track on The Art of Falling Apart is a story of the journey towards falling apart. Through “Candy”, Serena starts to be more transparent and vulnerable. In the second song, “Waterfall”, she learns to cry. These stories build to “Better Now” in which Serena realizes that one of the bravest things we can do is face our trauma, feelings and fears, and by doing so, we can truly learn to love ourselves.  Each song on the album was recorded the same day it was written, with the tracks appearing in the order they were created, with raw, unprocessed vocals and instrumentation.

Serena will be celebrating the release of this new album with a virtual concert on April 24th as part of Supercrawl.  The performance will feature Serena performing The Art of Falling Apart in its entirety for the first time while offering viewers the context around the album and her own mental wellness journey.  Tickets are on sale now – click here to buy.

The Art of Falling Apart​ album is just one piece of Serena’s leadership as a mental wellness advocate. Her keynote speech—which shares the name of the album—has been presented across the country.  Serena is releasing a condensed, animated version alongside the record, making it accessible to audiences worldwide the week of March 22nd.  Stay tuned to Serena’s social channels to watch it as soon as it is released. 

In May 2020, Serena launched an experiential series designed for artists and creative professionals dubbed the Art of Wellness. A collaboration between Serena, her label ArtHaus and a range of mental health professionals, the Art of Wellness offers a variety of programs tailored to different facets of the artistic community, helping creatives develop mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques.

In addition to the album, Serena is releasing a series of dialogues on health and wellness with several album collaborators (past sessions have included Melissa Etheridge and Adria Kain).

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