Ritalin Boy: You Name It, He Raps About It

It’s been a long time in the making. Ritalin Boy the man & band first appeared on the music scene in the 90s, and Ritalin Boy recently made a stir with punk-politicos SFH (Shit From Hell), the subject of many a news story. Just Google it. Ritalin Boy was also in underground legends The Thin Line and Dancing Wu Li Masters. It’s a rock’n’roll record! Some punk & post-punk influence to be sure, but Ritalin Boy sure listened to a lot of The Sweet, Kiss, Bowie and Cheap Trick back when he was a problem child taking Ritalin! There’s even a Reggae track. It’s loud, and it’s louche. Rock and Roll.
Recorded at Kuhl Muzik Toronto with Juno-winning and Grammy-nominated producer-engineer Gary Honess. We call him the Wiz cuz he got the magic skills and gear! Drums: Tony the Torch – Everything else: Ritalin Boy
Happy People (Have No Stories)
Dr. Doctor
Some Kind Of Angel
I’m Your Bitch
Rapture Rock
Der Fuehrer’s Face
Daddy Killed Nazis
Not In Love
Jah Strummer
Take Me Home

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