Following the March 10th release of their brand new EP, Animal Kingdom, Winnipeg’s VIKINGS is thrilled to bring the new songs to audiences in Ontario and Quebec. Kicking off on May 4th in St. Catharines, the tour will bring the band to Toronto, Guelph, Windsor, Montreal and Ottawa. Full details can be found below. While you wait for them to hit your town, check out their new video for Queen of the Night.


“Queen Of The Night is a dream-like interpretation of the laws of attraction,” the band comments. “Those moments when the rest of the word fades to black and one person’s gaze is all consuming. It ebbs and flows as if stuck lucid, in and out of sleep. It burns slow, hazy eyed and reckless and begs the question. Is it real? Or do we simply wake up in the end?”


Video director, Nic Kriellaars, adds, “The song itself I found very hypnotic and mesmerizing, and I wanted the video to replicate the feeling of being in a new relationship — when every trivial interaction is new and exciting, and kind of a blur — via layering, non-linearity, and constant motion. The two actors actually had no idea what we were filming until the night of the shoot, which helped keep the intricacies in emotions and action genuine — their first kiss was really the first time they kissed, their first motorcycle ride was really their first ride together — the spontaneity was real, and the trust was real. Much like most of us don’t ‘fall into love’ with the question “what am i going to get at the end of this?” in mind, this video does not have a lesson so much as it showcases living in the moment, and between them, and the beauty in not worrying past or future tense. There are some funny aspects about the making of the video too – I was hanging out the back of a pickup truck going 70 km/h to get the motorcycle shots.” 


Blending indie-rock with synthpop, Animal Kingdom’s infectious melodies and driving beats are perfectly showcased on the album opener, Burning Man. Focusing on big sounds and the spaces in between, VIKINGS’ music is equal parts dance-worthy and expansive synth trip; featuring the earworm vocals of Josh Youngston – long ago punk-singer, now falsetto-wielding crowd-mover. Flanked by two brothers, Dave and James McNabb – each manning a bastion of synths – and with Luke Janzen on drums, VIKINGS step out of the box and onto the dance floor.



May 4 – St. Catharines, ON – Detour Music Hall

May 5 – Toronto, ON – Drake Underground

May 7 – Guelph, ON – Silence

May 9 – Windsor, ON – Phog Lounge

May 10 – Montreal, QC – Quai De Brumes

May 11 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks

*more to be announced soon!


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