Triumph – Live At Sweden Rock Festival

(Universal) When Toronto’s Triumph were inducted into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame in 2008, it was assumed they were back together and they would return to the stage…and they did….in Sweden! Yes Triumph’s much anticipated comeback lasted just two shows; one in Sweden and one at a Oklahoma Music Festival. Fortunately the Swedish show was captured on DVD and has just been released with an accompanying CD. Although shot during the daytime and bereft of the band’s usual barrage of fireworks and lighting, this set shows Rik Emmett, Gil Moore, Mike Levine and guest guitarist Dave Dunlop that their performances are as strong as ever. Emmett’s powerful vocals drive “Magic Power”, Lay It On The Line” and “Never Surrender” while Moore is still in fine voice blasting out “Rocky Mountain Way” and “Allied Forces”. There’s even a strong instrumental work out for Emmett on “Blinding Light Show”. Overall a reminder of what Triumph can still do and hopefully will still do in the future.

Suggested Downloads: Magic Power, Rocky Mountain Way

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