Tom Cochrane Releases “Big League” (For Humboldt) In Honour of The Humboldt Broncos

Today, celebrated Canadian singer-songwriter Tom Cochrane releases the reworked version of his original song, “Big League” (For Humboldt), in honour of the Saskatchewan-based hockey team, the Humboldt Broncos.  Cochrane altered the lyrics for a heartfelt performance on TSN broadcasted in front of a green and yellow backdrop to begin the network’s TSN Hockey: Playoff preview special last Tuesday (April 10). Watch the tribute here. The Humboldt Broncos version has been made available everywhere with Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Get the track now.


On the release, Cochrane comments, “This single is dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos and their families, never to be forgotten.”

“Big League”, originally featured on Cochrane’s 1988 album Victory Day with Red Rider, is written from the perspective of a father who lost his son with big dreams as a hockey player after his life was cut short.  In the revised version, Cochrane’s lyrics reflect the fatal highway incident in Saskatchewan last week, as follows, “All the right moves when he turned 18. Ridin’ to the game and ridin’ with his team. Ridin’ with their friends and ridin’ for their dreams. Ridin’ off to immortality in the big league.”

All proceeds from the adapted “Big League” (For Humboldt) song will go towards the newly created memorial fund, Humboldt Strong Community Foundation. The foundation created out of one of the biggest GoFundMe pages in Canadian history, will support Humboldt Broncos players, employees, families and volunteers as well as first responders and emergency services personnel, teams, athletes, related organizations and communities affected by the tragic accident. For more information on the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation, visit the Humboldt strong website.

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