They Said What??? 2016


A selection of quotes taken from various artists during Music Express interviews conducted in 2016.


Rich Dodson, The Stampeders.

“We called it the three gas-tank tour because we literally executed the entire tour on three tanks of gas. It was amazing that we attracted sell-out crowds when we were playing dates literally one hour apart. I think the longest trip we had to make was Owen Sound and that was like four hours.”






Mchvkr5ryles Goodwyn April Wine

“I know he (Jerry Mercer) said a lot of negative things about me when I folded the band after our `Animal Grace’ album (1984) but when I decided to record again in 1993, he was the first guy I contacted because I wanted a real hard rock feel to the album and I knew he could do it. But then he started disrespecting other members of the band and I just couldn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. Jerry says he retired in 2008 but the reality is that he was fired.”





a3xlcsvceae39yzNate Hilts, The Dead South

“We were recording that song (“One Armed Man”), and I accidentally gave a loud cough. I said `sorry, let’s do another take but producer Jason Plumb said `no’, we are keeping that on the track.”






Bdownloadryan Potvin (Northern Pikes) and Kevin Kane (Grapes Of Wrath) on their debut duet release.

“Grapes of Pikes” doesn’t work” noted Kevin Kane. “But I like “Northern Wrath” chimed in Bryan Potvin. “Makes us sound like some Swedish Heavy Metal Band”








cochrane_tom256Tom Cochrane

“Bruce Springsteen once told me, performing is like being 15 years old again, jamming with your buddies in your garage, only there’s thousands of people out there. I can relate to that.”






Leonard Cohen’s death premonition.

“I am ready to die, I hope it’s not too uncomfortable.”





colinjamesjt_colin_jamesColin James talking about recording his debut, self titled album with Tom Dowd

“When I was recording in Miami with the legendary Tom Dowd, it was like pulling teeth getting any blues tracks on that record, In his mind I was going down a road he had already travelled with Eric Clapton and Cream and he wanted to lead me in a different direction.”




brad-rempel-high-valley-bar-none-2015-388-sHigh Valley’s Brad Rempel talking about their home town.


La Crete is so isolated, we tweeted a picture the other day of the ice road linked to our home town and people around here (Nashville) don’t believe us when we tell them that’s where we are from.”






sammugSam Roberts on analyzing his new record.

“Overall `TerraForm is about trying to make life work, asking how you cope with the problems life throws at you. It’s about death by a thousand cuts (or death by a thousand taxes if you live in Ontario).




avatars-000161234023-9m7mig-t500x500Coleman Hell on the delayed release of `Summerland’.

“The truth is that the success of “Two Heads” held up the release of this record. It just kept chalking up airplay, it just wouldn’t go away, which I guess is a good place to be in.”





84d21266654a4f5c5e913fd6f7e03b1dGord Downie commenting on `Secret Path’ a graphic soundtrack of a novel about the mistreatment of indigenous people.’

This is about Canada. We are not the country we thought we were. We are not the country we think we are.”






300x300Kardinal Offishall discussing his new Virgin Radio “Kardi’s Party show.


“Being on my show should be your destination, should be your ultimate target if you are a developing artist. Mainstream radio is where you end up after you”ve put in the work.”






greg-keelorBlue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor.

“This record (1000 Arms) has a lot more energy, a bit more uptempo. Jim (Cuddy) and I are singing a lot together and it turned out really great”.






p19ig28psu14m7dfm2p019odn034Philip Sayce discussing his influences.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is listening to B.B King wailing on the guitar or Stevie Wonder singing, that’s what makes my blood boil.”




SUM 41 2007 credit : BABU /DALLE

Sum 41’s Jason McCaslin confirming Deryck Whibley’s successful rehab.

“Deryck isn’t 100% fit, he still has back problems and we have a full time masseuse travelling with us but he has convinced us he has his alcolism problems under control. It feels like a fresh start to us.”





rikbioRik Emmett

“This album ( Res 9) represents a journey through my life and the idea behind a lot of these songs is me trying to figure out who I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing.”






5773609The Trews’ John Angus MacDonald

“We didn’t want `Time Capsule’ to be perceived as a bookend of our career as a `Greatest Hits’ band. Our bigget fear as we got into making the record was that fans would see it as a stop-gap effort.”





220px-dallas_smithDallas Smith on opening for Urban’s Rip – Chord tour

“Even when I was at the back of the bus, warming up for a Default gig in the early 2000’s, I’d be singing along to Keith Urban and Rascall Flat’s songs, Keith is who inspired me to switch to recording Country Music, he is a great player, has a fantastic voice and is the consumate entertainer.”





LBTQ member Ria Mae commenting on the Orlando shooting of 49 party-goers

It’s a tragic event but really not surprising that such an event occurred. There is always that fear, no matter where you go in the States, that attacks on gays are going to occur, especially the further South you go”.




53e65110fac3287b8b89bcab361b2f2dBilly Talent’s Ben Kowalewicz commenting on the retirement of drummer Aaron Solowaniuk.

“It struck us like an upper cut to the jaw. Aaron (Solowaniuk), Ian D’Sa, John Gallant and I have been together for over 20 years, to lose Aaron was unthinkable. Our first reaction was that we should suspend the sessions, we would wait so long as it took for Aaron to get better. But unfortunately, with M.S, it can take two weeks, two years or maybe never.”


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