BIG WRECK – Ghosts (Anthem)

BIG WRECK – Ghosts  (Anthem)
Big Wreck’s Ghosts isn’t your typical download track 6 and then track 3 iTunes package. To fully appreciate Ghosts requires you to pay attention to the entire disc. More thematic than conceptual, Ghosts takes you on a 13-track aural journey through Ian Thornley’s lyrical prose and Brian Doherty’s sonic guitar instrumentals, supported by additional guitar work from Paulo Neta and a rhythmic bottom end... Read More

Helix – Best Of 1983-2012

Helix – Best Of 1983-2012
(Helix Records) Kitchener Ontario’s Helix is a band with a split personality. Live they are one of this country’s most dynamic on-stage performers with a heavy metal persona that rivals any major international live act. Yet on the radio; its soft rock, pop tracks like ` Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin’ and their A Foot In Cold Water’s `Make Me Do’... Read More