One thing you can say about Montreal’s Simple Plan is that they know who their audience is. With the release of `Taking One For The Team’, their first record release in four years, lead vocalist Pierre Bouvier, lead guitarist Jeff Stinco, drummer Chuck Cormeau, guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre and drummer David Desrochiers have released 14 tracks which all reflect a strong commercial appeal. The overall production is strong enough to make the record avoid sounding too lightweight yet there’s nothing too outrageous direction-wise. For the most part `Taking One For The Team’ features catchy mid-tempo tracks full of sing-along lyrical hooks with one solid R&B, reggae track (“I Don’t Want To Go To Bed”) and a couple of soulful ballads (“Perfectly, Perfect”, “Problem Child) injected to change up the mix. Simple Plan have gotten with the times and have pre-released three tracks (“I Don’t Want To Go To Bed”, “Boom” and “I Don’t Want To Be Sad”) prior to last Friday’s record release. All indications are that Take One For The Team is spot on in connecting with their fan’s demographic. Solid pop songs, consistent arrangements with just enough switches in tempo to make all 14 tracks interesting, indications are that the band will be so busy fulfilling their global tour commitments that it might be another three years before they get around to recording their next opus.
Download: “I Don’t Want To Go To Bed”, “Kiss Me While Nobody’s Watching”, “Boom”.

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