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Of all the classic hard rockers that emerged from Canada in the early Eighties, Peterborough Ontario’s Sebastian Bach ruled supreme. As frontman for New Jersey’s Skid Row, with their chart-topping “18 And Life”, Bach appeared on the front cover of Rolling Stone magazine as the pin-up boy of the Eighties hair band movement. And although all of those bands were swept under the carpet with the advent of the Nirvana-led grunge movement, those bands are now back on the circuit and thanks to labels like the Italian-based Frontier Records are actually recording decent albums.

“Give ‘Em Hell” is one such release. Bach has surrounded himself with a pretty decent support cast in Billy Idol’s Steve Stevens, Guns N’ Roses’ bassist Duff McKagan and John 5 from Marilyn Manson’s band, support that stands him in good stead with instrumental arrangements that are both dynamic and complex. Bach still has the vocal chops but he also exhibits a fair level of musical creativity, mixing up the dynamics on tracks like “Had Enough” and “Temptation” , showing his production prowess on the ambitious five-minute “Push Away” and even creates some clever titles in ‘Gun to a Knife Fight’ and the poignant `All My Friends Are Dead”.

Yet the record highlight for is his updated version of April Wine’s “Rock n Roll Is a Vicious Game”, a track that bristles with renewed energy with the wailing harmonica background added an extra snap to the arrangement.

Download: “Rock n Roll Is a Vicious Game”, “Push Away”, “All My Friends Are Dead”

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