Scott Helman Checks Into The H么tel de Ville

Scott Helman Checks Into The H么tel de Ville

Finding his musical influences in album-focused artists like Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Cure, Bon Iver and Paul Simon, Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Helman returns May 12, 2017 with his debut full-length album, H么tel de Ville.聽 Recorded in Toronto at Revolution Recording and produced by Tawgs Salter (Lights, Walk Off The Earth, USS), the album鈥檚 first official single is the irresistible pop alternative track 鈥淜inda Complicated鈥 which applies breezy, catchy songwriting and winking-lyricism to either a failed relationship or his own daily struggle with ADHD.


鈥淭he more that I write music the more that I feel that I鈥檓 curing myself,鈥 Scott explains. 鈥淗ow am I gonna be a better person and how am I gonna be a better lover?聽 I have to figure out all those things that are knocking around in my head.鈥


In mid-January, Scott teased the announcement of H么tel de Ville by releasing the song 鈥21 Days鈥 as an early gift to fans.聽 Scott had been performing 鈥21 Days鈥 for the past two years and wanted fans to have the chance to hear the final recorded versions of the song that had quickly become a concert favourite.聽 H么tel de Ville is available for pre-order now.聽 All digital pre-orders will include an instant download of the tracks 鈥淜inda Complicated鈥 and 鈥21 Days鈥.聽 See full track listing below.

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In 2014, Scott Helman released the song 鈥淏ungalow鈥 as the first single from his debut EP Augusta.聽 The track introduced a fresh new voice to the musical landscape and his versatility led to tours across Canada, playing with the likes of Tegan and Sara, Shawn Mendes and Matthew Good.聽 Opening for Walk Off The Earth on extensive tours of the U.S. and Europe, Scott stood alone on stage and, night after night, won over skeptical audiences and began building an international fan base.聽In 2015, Scott beat out 11 other artists to be the first to win Spotify Canada鈥檚 Emerge program and in January 2016, he topped the Teen Vogue list of voices to look out for that year over the likes of Melanie Martinez and Elle King.聽 By the time Scott went back in to the studio to begin work on H么tel de Ville he had been nominated for a 2015 MuchMusic Video Award and two 2016 Juno Awards and performed to massive national TV audiences on both award shows.聽 鈥淏ungalow鈥 was certified platinum in Canada and he rang in 2017 with a raucous tribute to Leonard Cohen, performing 鈥淏ird On A Wire鈥 in Cohen鈥檚 hometown of Montreal in front of 50,000 people and broadcast live on CBC TV.


Scott Helman is confirmed to perform at the IHeartRADIO Fest on April 21 at Rebel in Toronto and as a part of the CBC Music Festival on May 27 in Toronto at Echo Beach.聽 More tour dates to be announced shortly.

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