McLachlan’s first studio effort in four years has already created a certain amount of controversy with two songs in particular, ‘Beautiful Girl’ and a fairly explicit `The Sound That Love Makes’ suggesting a reassignment of her sexual orientation. “Not true”, protests Ms. McLachlan although she does acknowledge a strong LGBT fan base. A collection of 13 songs, many influenced by the passing of her father, three years ago, McLachlan does what she does best, establish a pure vocal presence over simplistic arrangements.

Tracks like `Surrender and Certainty’ and the moving `Song For My Father’ are vintage McLachlan although she does up the tempo on the self-titled `Shine On’ and the catchy lyrical `Love Beside Me’. Produced again by Pierre Marchand, with some assistance from Bob Rock, McLachlan’s record marks her debut on David Foster’s Verve Record label and this release has all the trademarks of a vintage David Foster record. After a four-year absence Sarah McLachlan hasn’t lost a beat musically and the controversy some of her lyrics will spark in the gossip tabloids can only be good for business.

Download: Surrender and Certainty, The Sound That Love Makes, Love Beside Me

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