Breaking: Killer Dwarf hospitalized after 5 car pile-up

Killer Dwarfs’ lead vocalist Russell Graham (Russ Dwarf) was airlifted to a hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana Monday after a vehicle carrying the four-member band was involved in a serious car accident around 2 p.m. Initial reports indicate that Graham’s injuries are non life threatening.
Killer Dwarfs
“I don’t want to freak any of you out but myself and the rest of the Killer Dwarfs have just been in a five-car pileup on 1-70 East of Terre Haute, Indiana,” said drummer Darrell Millar (Darrell Dwarf). “It was bad and our vehicle and trailer are write-offs. Russ Dwarf is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries and myself Gerry Finn and Johnny Fenton are at a hotel with some cuts and bruises.

The Oshawa-based band had reunited late last year around the release of their `Start@One’ record and had been enjoying a number of successful major concert appearances including a spot on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise with other rock luminaries from the 70’s and 80’s.

[quote]Initial reports indicate that Graham’s injuries are non life threatening.[/quote]

The Dwarfs were just returning from a successful two-week U.S tour (which included an appearance at the Rocklahoma Festival) when the accident occurred during the busy Memorial Day U.S holiday.

Band manager Rob Zakojc reports that everyone is a little shook up but otherwise fine and he is in the process of arranging for the band to return to Toronto.  “From what I’ve been told, one car stalled on the highway, another car plowed into it and we were right behind and couldn’t avoid the impact,” reported Zakojc. “The truck is a write off and the trailer turned on its side but miraculously, our gear survived the impact.”

Zakojc notes it was fortunate in a way that the accident happened at the end off their tour and the band is set to continue fulfilling all the rest of a busy schedule of events this summer including a date at the Sturgis Rock Festival in Merritt B.C August 21st to 24th.

“One thing the band is grateful for is the outpouring of emails and posts from well wishers,” enthuse Zakojc. “The response has been off the wall and it’s great to know we have such fanatical support.”

You can view coverage of the accident on local news WTHI TV10

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