Protest The Hero Unveil Third Single In Subscription Series


ImageProxy– Protest the Hero have unveiled the new single and artwork from their recently launched 6-month long Pacific Myth subscription service titled “Cold Water”. Structured as a subscription service for fans, Pacific Myth promises to deliver one track on the 15th day of each month over a 6-month period of recording, as well as access to a gamut of original content not available anywhere else.

Says Luke Hoskin, “The reaction to Pacific Myth has been astounding. While the subscription idea itself tends to be polarizing, our hearts are warmed by the fact so many of our fans have come with us despite hesitation. We are committed to bolstering the value of everyone’s subscription more and more with each month. We continue in that mindset as we release another new song and another episode in our doc-series. “Cold Water” will definitely challenge listeners – layering tons of music ideas and bordering on psychedelic at times! We hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was for us to create.” Artwork for the latest single is by the talented Jeff Jordan who is currently busy painting the artwork for the 4th single in the series.

PTH_B&W_PressThose who subscribed to Tier 2 of the subscription-based platform will also be able to access Episode 3 of a very special documentary series titled “Of Our Own Volition” filmed by award-winning director Marc Ricciardelli.
Episode 3 focuses on the departure of friend and drummer Moe Carlson and sheds light on a band who until this point, managed to maintain an entirely original lineup – a rarity to say the least. Fans get an inside look as the band overcomes the loss of one of their brothers and faces the time-sensitive task of replacing him. Enter drummer Chris Adler who provides an honest account of what he went through joining the project, and how close he came to throwing in the towel. His obsessive determination was not only key to completing the project, but also a source of motivation for the other members as Adler lays the groundwork for one of PTH’s best efforts. Watch the teaser for the documentary HERE.

For those who had signed up for Tier 1 but would like to upgrade in order to access the documentary series, you can upgrade to Tier 2 at this link:

Hailing originally from Whitby, ON, Protest the Hero consists of four core members, Rody Walker (vox), Luke Hoskin (lead guitar/vox), Tim MacMillar (guitar/vox), and Michael Ieradi (drums) alongside their longtime friend Cam McLellan filling in on bass. The band has always prided themselves on approaching their craft differently than the rest of the pack exemplified in 2013 when their record label contract was up, and they set a precedent by approaching their rabid fanbase directly to help fund the recording of Volition. The band raised a little over $341,000 of their $125,000 goal, surpassing their goal the very first day the crowdfunding page went live. For more on Protest the Hero, visit the band’s website and social media links.
See The Video Here.

Protest The Hero Website HERE

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