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Amanda Thomson began singing at the age of 4, when she started piano lessons through the Royal Conservatory of Music.

“Growing up in musical theatre I’ve always been comfortable performing. And we lived in a musical household so I was always playing piano, saxophone, guitar and drums alongside my father.”, says the 23 yr-old Mississauga born singer. After watching a tape of her father singing and acting in commercials and television series as a young actor, Amanda decided to follow in her father’s footsteps.

In 2013 The Toronto native was brought down to Los Angeles by the company, Premium Cali as an exclusive artist to their new restaurant chain. Together they shot a music video for her single “Blessing In Disguise“, currently being aired in Cali Burger restaurants in Asia and the UK. Since then Amanda has been back and forth from LA writing and recording her music with various producers, and has been mentored by 1980’s teen sensation Debbie Gibson.

Amanda and pop-star Debbie Gibson
Amanda and pop-star Debbie Gibson

She’s also taken some time to focus on acting, appearing on SYFY and CBC’s “ASCENSION”, YTV’s “Totally Amp’d”, Lifetime/LMN’s “The Hazing Secret” and Hallmark Channel’s “A Christmas Song”. During Amanda’s television debut, she received attention from a very successful music licensing company, Jingle Punks, based in Los Angeles. Founder/CEO Jared Gudstadt, a Canadian himself, noticed her work and decided to sign Amanda to a development deal. This deal gave birth to Amanda’s first single, “This Moment is Everything”, and became the theme song to the SliceTV show “Keasha’s Perfect Dress”, a spin-off to the much loved series, “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Amanda then began to balance music and acting while taking control of her own destiny — she directed and produced several cover videos to widen her attention on Youtube and then hit the studio for months of songwriting, to launch her single Wildfire with an accompanying music video.

Amanda Thomson - Showcase Of A Human EP
In 2015 she released her upbeat holiday single “It’s Christmas” and now has completed her first EP, Showcase of a Human, working with Producer Murray Daigle at MDS Recording in Toronto and co-writing with singer Laura Roy. “This is EP is a showcase of who I am, and my opinions of life and how I see things.”, explains Amanda.

“The single All For Love is one of my favourites,” she continues, “it’s inspired by the Black Tiger White Jaguar Foundation. Animal activism is huge for me and I have followed their founder since they started. So in a way it’s a tribute to his work.”

Amanda launched Showcase Case of a Human with the release of the single Hit The Lights and it’s music video, followed by the 2nd single Crazy, which the video drops for on May 15th.

You can follow Amanda at:
Amanda is signed with talent agency Noble Caplan Abrams in Toronto and APA in Los Angeles.

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