Neon Dreams Unveil Optimistic Anthem ‘Its All Good’


What started as a one-line poem from Neon Dreams frontman Frank Kadillac has blossomed into the duo’s new single, “ITS ALL GOOD.” Out today, “ITS ALL GOOD” – written by Frank while in Cape Town, South Africa – is the second song to be released from Neon Dreams’ upcoming album (due out in November), following the joyful “Little Dance.” Listen to “ITS ALL GOOD” here.

South Africa is 12,075 kilometres away from Neon Dreams’ hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, so when Frank and Adrian Morris saw streaming numbers for their single “Life Without Fantasies” spike a year after its initial release, they were shocked to see that its life had been rejuvenated in a place they had never even visited before.

Neon Dreams – Life Without Fantasies (Official Music Video)

The song ended up getting so big that it went Platinum in South Africa, and the duo knew they needed to go visit their new fanbase. Neon Dreams spent last May playing 16 shows around the country, all of which sold out—some in as quickly as five minutes. Since then, they have spent most of their time living in South Africa and will head out on an 11-date tour beginning April 20, joined by American breakout TikTok star Casey Lowry.

Neon Dreams
Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams have accumulated tens of millions of streams and won numerous Canadian awards—including a coveted JUNO. But Neon Dreams has always meant so much more to Kadillac than accolades, and that was affirmed during his first visit to South Africa. The trip gave Kadillac and Morris hope during a dark time and a new type of confidence to go take on the rest of the world.

Neon Dreams – Top 10 South Africa Experiences

The love we have received since moving to South Africa is unlike anything we have ever felt. Nothing is better though than the support from our fans here, as well as our peers in the local music industry,” says Frank. “We have truly been embraced and made to feel like honorary residents of this amazing country. I love it here!”


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