Jane’s Party Release New Single & Lyric Video ‘Stay With Me’ ft. Ewan Currie & Max Clilverd

Toronto pop-rock quartet  Jane’s Party release classic rock anthem and ‘70s jam  Stay With Me” today featuring Ewan Currie (The  Sheepdogs/BROS)  on vocals and Max Clilverd (Tom  Odell)  on slide guitar. This is the second single from their forthcoming album, with Jane’s Party currently at work with Zeus—who served as a big inspiration for the band coming up as musicians—to foil the pop-heavy production of 2019’s Casual  Island, embracing a raw, “back-to-the-garage” approach that captures the essence of their notoriously tight tour-de-force of a live show.

Stream  and purchase  “Stay With Me” HERE Watch  and share the lyric video HERE

Produced  by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Zeus, the band describes “Stay With Me” as “a  rock and roll song – pure and simple – that perfectly sums up the aesthetic of our upcoming record and artistic endeavour.”  Tom Ionescu (guitar/vocals) explains that “for the last few years, ‘Stay With Me’ has been our off-script, wildcard live track that we whip out when we want to inject some energy into our stage dynamic and into our audience – a track that can feel like it can do anything; either completely fall apart, or blow a hole right through the ceiling at any point. “We’re so pumped to finally get to share that live experience with everyone. Getting to include some of our favourite musicians made the live-off-the-floor recording and production process feel fresh and unexpected for us too. The final product feels like a glorious celebration of some of the best times we’ve ever had on  stage, during a time when getting back to playing in front of people is what dreams are made of.”

Jane's Party
Jane’s Party

JUNO Award-winning engineer Jay Dufour mixed the “party track – I felt like I was right there with the band rocking out!” Jeff Giles (keys/guitar/vocals) adds, “Being a pop band, we don’t often get to stretch out and really let loose on our instruments, but ‘Stay  With Me’ is one where the boundaries seem to fade away and it feels right releasing a song that’s perfectly rough around the edges.” Currie jokes, “The good fellas of Jane’s Party asked me to do my best Rod Stewart, so we had a few beers together and made this song. Just kidding, we did it via the internet (social distancing, don’t you know).”]

This summer, JP performs some of their favourite vintage covers of all time, live and outdoors, in their new “Wild in the WoodsYouTube series. Subscribe to watch performances with Tally  Ferraro, Skye Wallace, Nick Rose, DANICA,  and enjoy future special guests. Also available on their channel is the story behind the song they produced for Shad,  along with a deep dive into its construction. Listen to Storm” HERE.    In this past year, “Daydream” from 2016’s  Tunnel Visions gained traction on TikTok,  earning over 50  million streams,  usage in 30 thousand videos, and bringing Spotify streams to half a million for the song alone.    More information about the new album will be released in the coming months. Check out the lead single “Change  Her Mind” about navigating a long-term relationship in one’s mid-20s, with Francesca Carbonneau and Nashlyn Lloyd from Vancouver dream-rock band  FRANKIIE singing back-up.

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