Neon Dreams Release First New Song Of 2020 ‘Turn Back Now’

Video Premieres On Billboard

2019 was life-changing for Neon Dreams. It was a year that saw the release of their debut album, Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams; tour dates with Tyler Shaw and Loud Luxury; and radio hits with “High School Dropout” and “About You.” 2019, more importantly, was the year Neon Dreams found their voice and found their purpose.

They approached music with a newfound perspective. Music can heal, empower and motivate the listener. “I used to think making music was just a cool thing to do and a way to make myself feel better,” says frontman Frank Kadillac. “But then I realized just how much it affects people’s everyday lives.” 

Neon Dreams
Neon Dreams

The duo – Frank and drummer Adrian Morris – carry on this new approach and perspective into 2020 with the release of a brand new song today, “Turn Back Now.” The music video premiered on Billboard in the U.S. Watch now:

The song is an extremely personal one for Frank, who last year witnessed his mother going through chemotherapy and beating cancer.

“I was amazed at how positive she remained through the entire process. It made me realize the power of positive thinking. I wanted to create a song that would help inspire others facing struggle,” says Frank.

“I started watching movies, reading books and listening to music from my childhood that inspired me and made me who I am. I realized they are all heroic. This phrase came up a lot: ‘we came way too far to turn back now.’  I wrote the song based on that concept.

“Life can be challenging. This song is important because we all need a reminder every day that it’s ok to feel sad. As long as you don’t give up you’ll make it through. Some people don’t have anyone to tell them that. I want Neon Dreams to be that band telling you it’s going to be alright.”

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