Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychadelic Pill

(Warner Music Canada) There are some Neil Young fans that will delight in the idea of being exposed to a 27-minute lead-off track (`Driftin Away’)…and then there are the rest of us! Fans who caught Young rejoining Crazy Horse’s Frank Sampedro, Ralph Molina and Billy Talbot after an eight-year hiatus would have been warned of this album’s extended contents when they performed a 20-minute version of `Walk Like A Giant’ in their live set. This experimentation has led to a two-CD release which contains only four tracks on the first disc and five on the second (including an alternative take of `Psychadelic Pill). To most this is an excessive bout of self-indulgence, but hardcore Young fans probably revel in being exposed to 16-minute versions of `Ramada Inn’, `Walk Like A Giant’ and `She’s Always Dancing’. For the non-fanatic, tracks like `Born In Ontario’ and `Twisted Road’ are accessible, grungy rockers and the title track is strongly infectious. Reviews are so far mixed veering from `Best Ever to `What The F*&*k’. Decide amongst yourselves.

Suggested Downloads: Born In Ontario, Twisted Road

Psychedelic Pill - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

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