Music Express Celebrates 45th Anniversary With Special October Features

It’s hard to believe it, but October 2021 will mark the 45th anniversary of Music Express and how some snot-nosed British kid working at the sports department of the Calgary Herald, got pissed off because that paper’s entertainment department  rejected his feature story on The Stampeders. The reason being; because they had trashed the band’s concert in a mean-spirited review the previous night. Imagine Bruce Springsteen being trashed by a New Jersey newspaper. You just don’t treat local boys made good in that fashion.

So that snot-nosed Manchester kid (namely me) decided to publish that story in my own magazine and so was born Music Express in October 1976.

To mark this auspicious occasion, we are set to publish three special issues during the month of October. One will feature a timeline of events from October 1976 to the present day. The second segment will spotlight a feature story by Roman Mitz on the legacy of Music Express and the third supplement will feature a photo montage of the artists and antics through the ages – the photo of former Publisher Conny Kunz biting Robert Plant’s hair is a classic! Also, Music Express will be featuring key photographers like Ian MarkCharles Hope and Ted Van Boort.

Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams – Photo Supplied by the Artist.

“I’d like to congratulate Music Express for 45 rocking years, and also for the kind awards they gave way back when I was just getting started.

I still have those awards cluttering up my office 100 years later, and no you can’t have them back”

Bryan Adams

As a special treat, Music Express will, over at least three issues, be posting a series of special acknowledgements from a host of major Canadian and International artists via digital visuals or in video format. Such artists as Bryan Adams, Alex Lifeson from Rush, Loverboy, Burton Cummings, Triumph, Lee Aaron, The Box, Corey Hart, April Wine, Iron Maiden, Kiss and Midnight Oil have already sent messages, and there are many more en route.

So please check out the Special 45th Anniversary Music Express (ME) Issue coming soon in October. If you are not already a subscriber, link to and sign-up for a free ME newsletter subscription (you can cancel at any time).

So be prepared for a spotlight on Canada’s music history via Music Express; I know you will be entertained.

Keith Sharp
Music Express
Since 1976 

A message from Burton Cummings!

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