Moist’s New Album ‘End of the Ocean’ OUT NOW

After almost 8 years since their 2014 release Glory Under Dangerous Skies, Canadian rockers Moist have shared their highly anticipated full-length End of The Ocean. Listen to the album here

To coincide with the album release, the band shared a nostalgic video for the album opener track “Ammunition.”  Created by Moist bass player Jeff Pearce, the video is composed of old touring footage from throughout the years, showing the band in their element. 

The song is dedicated to their long-lasting fans. Moist explains the inspiration behind the accompanying video, saying, “It’s about the people that keep you going when you face challenges, large or small. They may be people you turn to for advice or solace, they may be the core reason you do what you do in life, a reserve of inner strength you depend on or your last, best defence against anyone or anything that stands in the way of the goal you want to achieve. When we started to work on the video, which features so many amazing shots of the audience through the years, we started to feel like the “you” was collective for the band, and “ammunition” meant the audience. It feels like we get so much energy and strength from the people we perform for and that that is our collective ammunition.”

Moist – Ammunition – Video created by Moist bass player – Jeff Pearce

“End of the Ocean  is all about peeling away layers,” explains Moist lead guitarist Mark Makoway who produced and mixed the album, “removing the bells and whistles and capturing the power and soul of Moist performing in a room. We didn’t rely on ‘studio magic’ – we went after something raw and visceral. In many ways, the making of  End of the Ocean was about searching for the beautiful imperfections that make the presentation special.”  

Lyrically, many of the songs on this, Moist’s fifth full-length studio record, were inspired by our society’s tendency for limitless consumption as a means of filling some unfillable void at the expense of our sense of self and collective well-being. But  End of the Ocean itself is a sparse, powerful musical document that relies heavily on the band’s uniquely democratic writing process and a collective desire for connection that’s characterized the personal musical bonds the band members have formed with each other and their audience over time. 

Founded in 1993, Moist was propelled to prominence on the strength of their debut album, Silver, and the uniquely powerful alt-rock anthems “Push”, “Silver”, and “Believe Me”. Like Silver, the band’s follow up records –Creature (1996) and Mercedes Five and Dime(1999) – went on to achieve multi-platinum sales (over 1.3 million albums worldwide) and yielded more chart-topping hits including “Resurrection”, “Tangerine”, “Gasoline”, “Breathe”, and “Underground”.

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