Neon Dreams Release ‘about you…’

Inspiration can truly come at any moment. It was a leaf falling off of a tree that led to the new single from Neon Dreams – “about you…”

“It’s funny where my imagination goes in seconds when nature intrigues me,” says Neon Dreams frontman Frank Kadillac after a falling leaf caught his eye. “I felt like I could relate to that very moment. Having to let go of something that felt like it was a part of me was sad but uplifting because it’s a sign of growth. Letting go of things that serve your life no purpose would be a great song to write about.”

“about you…” started as a poem, but after coming up with a very unique sounding beat, Frank began singing some of the poem’s lyrics. “I called our producer Corey LeRue and Adrian (drummer) to tell them about this amazing feeling I had about this song. We rented a cabin just outside of Halifax for three days to get away from the city and we finished the track. It’s magical just getting away from everyday distractions to focus on something you believe in.”

Frank credits a week-long meditation retreat in Sedona Arizona for an increase of self-awareness. “I just started understanding why I am the way I am and I’m finally able to express that through our next body of work. It’s something our fans been waiting for.”


Frank wrote and directed the video, with the help of Alex Gayoso filming and editing. The video was shot in California, Arizona, Utah and the UK. “about you…” follows the group’s previous release, High School Dropout.

Neon Dreams will perform at iHeartRadio FanFest in Toronto on May 8 at Rebel alongside Marshmello, Frank Walker and many more. For more information and tickets:

 Neon Dreams Release ‘about you…’

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