METAL ON ICE – (Various Artists)

(Coalition) In celebration of Sean Kelly’s new book, Metal On Ice which is an ode to his Canadian hard rock heroes, the former guitarist for Nelly Furtado and Helix and Crash Kelly has assembled a group of those featured stars to re-record key tracks for an EP promotion to his book. Included are Helix’s Brian Vollmer, Lee Aaron, The Headpins’ Darby Mills, Coney Hatch’s Carl Dixon, Slik Toxik’s Nicky Walsh and Killer Dwarf’s Russ Dwarf who each re-record a former hit while joining forces on a great new track; `Metal On Ice’

Great to hear that re-recordings of tracks like Lee Aaron’s `Metal Queen’, Vollmer’s cover of Helix’s `Heavy Metal Love’, Darby Mill’s Headpin’s cover of `Don’t It Make You Feel Like Dancing and Carl Dixon’s `Hey Operator’ are still as poignant as the originals and the new track ‘Metal On Ice’ effectively captures the spirit of his excellent book.


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