TEENAGE HEAD – Rockpile East

Saturday November 2nd 2013

It’s a shame that, according to lead vocalist Pete MacAulay, Teenage Head are now weekend warriors who rarely venture from their Hamilton Area home base, as they still are a forceful rock unit who know exactly what their fans want.

It probably didn’t help that the band went on at 10 minutes past midnight as some of their older fans were probably reaching for their meds, but by diving straight in to familiar songs like `Let’s Shake’, `Picture My Face’, `Top Down’ and `Some Kinda Fun’, Messer’s MacAulay, guitarist Gordie Lewis, bassist Steve Marshall and drummer Jack Pedler were preaching to the converted.

Kenny Shields and Pete MacAulay at the Rockpile East show, Nov. 2nd, 2013
Kenny Shields and Pete MacAulay at the Rockpile East show, Nov. 2nd, 2013

The intensity of a power-rock punk band is still there with maybe their youthful punk image replaced by a more mature rock edge. Either way, The Head can still deliver an energetic set with Lewis still able to deliver some fiery guitar solos while a stoic Marshall and his drummer cohort Pedler held down the bottom end.

Having taken over the vocal spotlight from the late and great Frankie Venom, it’s inevitable that MacAulay’s performance comes under scrutiny, yet in his own way, he is just as effective. No he doesn’t swing from the rafters or come across as though he’s on the edge of losing control. Instead, MacAuley presents himself as someone in total command, and yes, vocally is still as adept as his predecessor.

By the time, Teenage Head wrapped with `Disgusteen’ they had proven to everyone in the room that they are still a force to be reckoned with. Old Head fans appeared pleased that the band continues to revive vintage songs while newbies were simply impressed with the band’s vibrancy. Job well done!

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