Matthew Good – Arrows of Desire

(Universal) Matthew Good is back! Yes he may have suffered from past problems, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, drug overdoses etc. But you can’t keep a `Good’ man down and Matthew has responded with his most commercially accessible record to date with the release of “Arrows of Desire”. Always a prolific songwriter who hasn’t been afraid in the past to accept new challenges and take his music in sometimes strange and challenging directions, Good has returned to a more commercial vein this time out. Tracks like the debut single; `Had It Coming’ is a hook-laden, sing-along grabber of a track which sets the tone for the remaining nine tracks. The trademarks here are aggressive guitar arrangements which complement Good’s hooky lyrical prose. All of which come together in a batch of radio-friendly tracks which remind us of how commercially viable Good’s music used to be at the beginning of his career. Other stand-out tracks like the record’s title track `Arrows Of Desire’, the pure aggression of `We’re Long Gone’ and the switch in tempo from acoustic to soaring electric guitar on `Letters In Wartime’ are all great signs that Matthew Good has re-found his touch. In his case, persistence has certainly paid off.

Suggested Downloads: Had It Coming, Hey Hell Heaven, Letters In Wartime

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