Kenny Shields – Letting Go

Kenny Shields – Letting Go

(Indigo Incorporated) For a band that totally revamped classic hits like The Small Faces’ `Tin Soldier’, Them’s `Here Comes The Night’ and The Rolling Stones’ `Under My Thumb,’ refashioning them as hit songs in their own right, it isn’t a stretch to envision lead vocalist Kenny Shields releasing an entire record of classic covers. “Letting Go” is just such a collection. Produced by band guitarist Jeff Neill, Shields tackles a wide range of material from 50’s torch songs like Brenda Lee’s `I’m Sorry’, to Ben E King’s `Stand By Me’ and the Eagles `Best Of My Love’, staying faithful to the song’s original roots yet supplying a distinctive Kenny Shields/Streetheart trademark to the arrangements.

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There’s a purity in Shields’ vocals that totally transforms tracks like John Lennon’s `Julia’ and Rod Stewart’s `I Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ into a whole new production while Neill’s own guitar work and band keyboardist Darryl Guthiel add their input to the instrumental arrangements on tracks like The Bee Gees’ `To Love Somebody’ and Los Bravos’ `Black Is Black.’ It doesn’t come as a surprise that `Letting Go’s highlight is a stunning cover of the Stones’ `Angie’ which Shields totally re-invents (assisted by a stunning guitar solo from Neill). Letting Go is an epic record topped off by one new Streetheart song; a melodic Shields-Guthiel collaboration `Wanna Be With You’ which suggests the band still possess a creative spark of their own. The scary thing is that Shields and Co could reel off dozens of such cover collections; Shields’ Great Canadian Songbook, the potential is quite imposing. Why this record is not a major label release is beyond me!

Suggested Downloads: Angie, Stand By Me, Wanna Be With You


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  1. Paul Meehan

    What a great thing to hear , I’ve loved Kenny’s voice for what about 35 years now and think this is GREAT !!!

  2. sudbury suds

    Kenny and Streetheart were my favorite at the rockin roar in Spanish. He was very nice to talk to and so humble to all his fans

  3. WERE KAN I BUY THISS TEXX ME AT 416 809 9567

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