Headstones – Love + Fury

(Universal/FrostByte) From the incendiary opening chords of `Change My Ways` it`s easy to remember that before Hugh Dillon established himself as a major TV and movie star, he fronted a powerful punk-rock band called The Headstones who exploded onto the Canadian music scene in 1993 and subsequently released five albums in the next seven years (One going platinum and two reaching gold sales figures) before success as a movie star (“Hard Core Logo“, “Dance Me Outside“) and a major TV starring role (in `Durham County“ and more recently “Flashpoint“) disrupted his music career. Yet Dillon kept writing and performing and now he and band mates Trent Carr (guitars), Tim White (bass) and Dale Harrison (drums) have recorded their first release together in 10 years – and all indications are that it is well worth the wait.

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Co-produced by Chris Osti, Headstones’ first single “Longwaytoneverland“ is already storming domestic rock charts and there`s 10 more incendiary tracks just like it. Think of early Iggy Pop and The Stooges and you have the sheer raw power of “Change My Ways“, `BinThisWayForYears“ and “Don`t Follow The Leader“, all aggression and adrenalin, and with one noticeable exception, all clocking in around the two to three minute mark. That exception is the record`s lone ballad, a moody piano-driven song titled “Midnight Of This Life“ a four-minute arrangement which show`s off Dillon`s melodic lyrical talents and is the last track on the record. Counterbalance this though against a cheeky punk version of ABBA`s “SOS“ and you have an effort that bristles with raw intensity. Dillon may have other career options to pursue but he is still, foremost, a rock `n roll star and Love + Fury serves notice as the band`s re-entry as serious contenders.

Suggested Downloads: Longwaytoneverland, Change My Ways, SOS


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