Gord Sinclair Shares New Video For Single

Photo Copyright Andrew Budziak 2020


(– Gord Sinclair, best known as the bass player for the beloved rock band The Tragically Hip, recently released his acclaimed debut solo record Taxi Dancers. An album that is both winsome and sorrowful, Taxi Dancers speaks not only about loss but recovery.

Taxi Dancers has received praise from across the country and is a fearless exploration of Sinclair’s despair over losing lifelong friend and bandmate Gord Downie. Listen to Gord’s candid interview with Tom Power on CBC q here.

Having just wrapped a tour with The Trews, Sinclair is releasing the video for his first official radio single “Forward March Fight”. About this driving and powerful track, Sinclair says, “I wrote ‘Forward March Fight’ in response to the times we live in. When the going gets tough the ‘powers that be’ always turn to the old ways, trying to hold onto to their wealth and authority, instead of charting a new path forward. They send young men and women off to wars, stoke fear and point fingers at home. But it’s all about money. Their greed comes at our expense.”

Sinclair wrote (and co-produced) all of Taxi Dancers‘ 10 songs while enlisting players with whom he already had a strong musical rapport. They included John-Angus MacDonald of The Trews, a friend since Sinclair co-produced that band’s 2011 Hope & Ruin album, and famed engineer James McKenty whose former band The Spades was also produced by Sinclair. John-Angus MacDonald co-produced and James McKenty mixed and recorded Taxi Dancers during three relaxed three-day sessions at Sinclair’s Kingston home, which was converted into an ad hoc studio summer 2019 for the purpose.

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