DRAKE & FUTURE What A Time To Be Alive


The title of this mixtape says it all; Drake and his buddy Future have created an ode to their current success with 11 tracks that for the most part, celebrate the excessive wealth of their present status. The repeated refrain of “Me and my friends, we’ve got money to spend” on “Change Locations” is supported on other tracks like “Big Rings”, “Scholarships” and “Dancing Diamonds”. Yet as the duo, wallow in their material wealth they also reflect back on past struggles. Future, in particular gets quite emotional reflecting on his past on tracks like “Live from the Gutter” and “Jersey” and there is an underlying message here that the pair realize that money isn’t everything. A realization that is revealed in Drake’s track closing “30 for 30 Freestyle” where the Toronto kingpin admits that all the personal wealth in the world is meaningless if current social changes aren’t addressed. Released without advance warning and capitalizing on the immediacy of the existing social network, these mixtapes are obviously successful marketing tools which only highlight Drake’s personal status as one of the world’s top rap performers.

Download: “30 for 30 Freestyle”, “Change Locations”, “Digital Dash”:

 [youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”JsgU4t8EAEU”]

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