COREY HART – Ten Thousand Horses

(Warner Music/Siena Records) How ironic is it that Montrealer Corey Hart should release one of the best records he has ever recorded as his farewell offering to the music industry. But that’s exactly what he’s done with the April 8th release of “Ten Thousand Horses”, his first offering in over 16 years. A record that culminates Hart’s performing career that he says will end May 31st at Montreal’s Bell Centre with a one-off concert performance –on a date that also marks the 30th anniversary release of his break-through single `Sunglasses At Night’. This straight to iTunes EP features seven newish tracks (some recorded as far back as 2011) along with four versions of one track – the killer title song `Ten Thousand Horses’. With this unique approach to the recording, Hart duets with Toronto songstress Jane Siberry on a radio single version, elongated version and guitar-arrangement version along with a French version; `Dix Mille Chevaux’ that he duets with his wife, Julie Masse. Arguably one of the best compositions Hart has ever recorded, the track packs a strong melodic arrangement, great lyrics, Hart’s trademark breathy vocal style plus superb vocal collaboration with both Siberry and Masse. If radio today played new songs by veteran performers –` Ten Thousand Horses’ would be right up there with `Sunglasses At Night’ and `Never Surrender’. But it doesn’t stop there! `She’s So Good’ is an infectious pop-rock track that just bounces while ‘Ciao Bella’ is Hart at his moody, melodic best. He jokingly tags `Sweet River’ and `Walk In Beauty’ as rough demos but there’s nothing rough about these two polished numbers, both containing some tasty guitar work and he ever reworks a previous nugget `Without You’ into a newly-titled `Falling From Graceland – enhancing the song’s powerful love song message. At a time when this industry could do with his infusion of talent, Hart is saying adieu! – But he is certainly going out on top – and that concert of his should be quite the event.

Download: Ten Thousand Horses, She’s So Good, Dix Mille Chevaux

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