BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE – Not Fragile (40th Anniversary Edition)

(Universal Records) How fitting that BTO should re-release a deluxe version of their 1975 ground-breaking “Not Fragile” release just weeks before being inducted into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame, March 30th at the Juno Awards in Winnipeg.

Finally, a silly internal spat between Randy Bachman, Fred Turner, Robbie Bachman and Blair Thornton has been resolved that now allows the feuding quarter to take the stage together to accept this long-delayed platitude. Just in time to pay homage to one of Canada’s all time classic albums.

This two-CD set divides the original nine tracks, now digitally re-mastered with a second disc that features live versions of the originals along with two bonus tracks `Slow Down Boogie’ and `RB Rock Prelude’ a bluesy instrumental track.

[youtube width=”380″ height=”223″ video_id=”7miRCLeFSJo”]

With an album dominated by two classic rock singles; `Roll On Down The Highway’ sequenced with `You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’, it’s easy to forget that this album is chock full of other great tracks. From the opening rhythmic crunch of the title track to the tasty blues intro to `Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song’ BTO laid down a sound that became synonymous with the rock sound of their time. Very basic, yet very infectious, BTO’s almost tribal beat reflected pure, unadulterated rock music at its simplistic best and yet it is so timeless. There is something about the sheer energy of `Roll On Down The Highway’ which injects the listener with a dose of pure adrenalin, a record for the ages.

Download: Not Fragile, Roll On Down The Highway, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

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