Billy Talent – Dead Silence

(Warner Music) Yes, it’s finally here, after months of speculation, and the album actually boasts a title, other than Billy Talent ! Guitarist Ian D’Sa takes control of production and maintains the band’s punk rock drive while building on the band’s melodic lyrical flair. Yes you can call them Green Day lite, yet Billy Talent’s unpretentious rawness and powerful live presence as established them as an important live act and their songwriting prowess is showing great maturity. The album launches with the melodic acoustic `Lonely Road To Absolution’ morphing into the anthemic hard rock `Viking Death March’. This balance is maintained throughout the album’s 14 tracks with melodic ballads like `Surprise, Surprise’ and `Hanging By A Thread’ are counterbalanced by power rockers like `Running Across The Tracks’ and `Crooked Minds’ Yes Billy Talent’s sound is raw and uncompromised yet lead vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist D’Sa, bassist Jonathan Gallant and drummer Aaron Salowoniuk have developed these tracks into their own distinctive sound. “Dead Silence” may lack certified hit radio fodder but 20,000 headbangers congregating at a festival setting really don’t care.

Suggested Downloads: `Surprise,Surprise’, `Hanging By A Thread

Dead Silence - Billy Talent

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