Big Wreck Release Locomotive Single

Big Wreck has today released the explosive single “Locomotive,” which is available for stream and downloads at all DSPs.

The song was produced at Noble Street Studios in Toronto by the award-winning producer/engineer Eric Ratz and Big Wreck vocalist and guitarist Ian Thornley.

 Ian Thornley says of the track, “The song started from the riff but the lyric, ‘Locomotive’ has been around for years.  We were jamming one night and I started singing super high and for some reason, the word locomotive came into my mind and I thought – ‘that’s fun to scream’ (laughing) – so I screamed it for about 20 minutes.  I don’t remember the riff we were playing but I guess ‘locomotive’ stayed stapled to a board at the back of my mind.”

Big Wreck
Big Wreck

 The band was formed in Boston in the early ’90s by Toronto-native (guitars/vocals) Ian Thornley and Americans Brian Doherty (guitars), Forrest Williams (drums) and Dave Henning (bass), students at the Berkley School of Music.  Their 1997 debut album, In Loving Memory, is certified double platinum in Canada and featured the chart-topping singles “Blown Wide Open,” “That Song” and “The Oaf”.

In 2002, the band broke up following the release of their sophomore album, The Pleasure and The Greed, after which Ian Thornley formed the band Thornley who also enjoyed rock radio success with several singles.

In 2010, Brian Doherty filled in on guitar at a Thornley show and shortly thereafter, he and Ian started working on new material that would be christened Big Wreck.  Their first single as a reunited Big Wreck, “Albatross,” became the band’s first #1 single at Rock radio in Canada. Since then, they have recorded three new Big Wreck albums (Albatross – 2012; Ghosts – 2014; Grace Street – 2017).  Later this year they release their sixth Big Wreck studio album followed by an extensive cross-Canada tour.

Big Wreck is:

Ian Thornley

Brian Doherty

Dave McMillan

Chuck Keeping

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