Anthem Releases Special Dan Hill Vinyl for Record Store Day November 24th

Dan Hill fans will be interested to know that Anthem Records will be releasing an opaque white vinyl release titled “The Formative Years” which will contain hit songs from their first four albums including “Sometimes When We Touch” to be released November 24th on Canada’s Record Store Day.

The fact that the majority of record stores don’t exist anymore is not stopping this promotion with a limited print run of just 400 copies, a number Hill could easily sell on his own website.

“It’s something Anthem wanted to do and I am supportive of them taking this initiative,” Hill noted on the phone from Toronto where he explained this “Formative” collection will be drawn from his first four albums; “Dan Hill” 1975, “Hold On” 1976, “Longer Fuse” 1977 and “Frozen In The Night” in 1978 with this project being more widely release early in 2024.

One of Canada’s most successful and prolific songwriters who has collaborated with the likes of Celine Dion, George Benson and Vonda Shepard and co-written with such established songwriters as Barry Mann and Rique Franks while writing for the likes of Dion, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Reba McEntire, Hill won a Grammy Award as co-producer of Celine Dion’s `Falling Into You album and has also won five Juno awards.

Yet despite being inducted into The Canadian Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame in 2021, Hill has yet to be inducted into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame or receive a star on Canada’s Walk Of Fame. “I know a lot of these decisions are political and I probably received more recognition for my work in the United States so I don’t really think about it,” he noted. “I receive over one million Spotify hits each year and it’s gratifying to know that my fan support is still out there.”

Noting the current nostalgia wave for 70’s and 80’s artists, Hill will soon be going out on tour as a duet with former April Wine vocalist, Myles Goodwyn. “It’s an intimate type of concert, just me and Myles both singing our big hits,” he noted. “We both have contrasting styles so it makes for an interesting collaboration. Myles is an amazing performer, he still sings like he’s 19-years-old.

These dates will be announced shortly and Hill is also looking at performing in Seattle with Andy Kim and he is also set to perform at a Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Concert at Markham’s Wednesday November 29th with Andy Kim and a host of other guest performers.

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