So, for this years Music Express Awards, our intent was to have fans vote as often as they liked for the nominee of their choice. We felt this would allow enthusiastic but potentially smaller fanbases of an artist to make have just as much impact on the outcome of the voting as a giant but possibly less energized fanbase. This was the main reason for going to the tool of Ranked List voting which allows you to see in realtime how the voting is going and who is in the lead at any given time.

We fully expected you guys to be voting like bananas! Dancing Banana

Seemed like a great idea but it had one tiny flaw. (ok, in retrospect a rather giant flaw!)

PlayBuzz, who hosts the actual voting mechanics of the voting scripts, currently limits visitors to a single vote per IP address. We contacted them once we realized this and although they do plan to release an update in a couple months which will allow multiple votes… it currently doesn’t work that way.

Well damn.

So, what to do? Well, we’ve had several suggested workarounds that we are going to share here so that, in the interest of full disclosure, everyone should have an equal ability to take advantage of the possibility of multiple votes.

If you have Safari, turning on Private Browsing and then visiting the voting pages will allow you to vote on every visit. You may need to close and re-open the browser after each vote depending on the version of Safari you have. I would suggest trying similar “Browse but don’t Track” options in other browsers but YMMV.

Also, since PlayBuzz uses IP addresses to determine whether you’ve already voted, mobile users may find they can vote again every few hours or every day, depending on how long they have their assigned IP. Power cycling your device will usually also get you a new IP which would allow you to vote again.TME-Awards_WebAd

So, to summarize… we’re SORRY for the confusion. To everyone who has voted already – THANK YOU (and please come back, grab a workaround and VOTE SOME MORE!).

Kirk Comrie
Tech Director – The Music Express

UPDATE: We’ve added a new way to VOTE! Click here for all the details.

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