TME Awards 2015 – Now With More TWEET!

TME Awards 2015 – Now With More TWEET!

Despite the workarounds previously provided, many of you have still been unable to properly express your enthusiasm for your favourite 2015 Music Express Awards nominees. Due to overwhelming response (yes, we actually do read all your hate fan mail) about not being able to vote more than once for your selections, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and have come up with a solution to the voting woes for this year’s Music Express Awards.

Here’s what we’re going to do. Starting as soon as this post goes live, you can “Vote” for your chosen nominee in their category by tweeting about them. After the voting closes at 11:59pm (EST) on Feb 18th, we will have our staff of trained monkeys skilled statisticians tally up all the twitter votes and -add- them to the votes visible via our online voting. Those totals will be used to determine the winners for this years Music Express Awards!

In order for the votes to be counted properly, the Tweets must include the following: The band/act you are voting for as a twitter handle (@thetrews for example), the link to the page for the category you are voting for them in (for example for the Top Compilation), our twitter handle @MusicExpressCA (so that we can easily collect all the votes), and finally the hashtag #TMEA2015 (so that we can sort the votes easily from our regular twitter traffic).

I know, sounds complicated… but it’s actually really simple. Here’s a sample tweet voting for Dallas Green as Top Male Vocalist. Feel free to cut and paste and edit (unless you just want to vote for Dallas of course!) to register your vote.

Dallas Green – Top Male Vocalist – @cityandcolour @MusicExpressCA #TMEA2015

And that still leaves you with 40 characters to give shout-outs!

  • Pro-Tip: On each of the voting pages you can click “Share on Twitter” and a window will pop up with the category and link already filled in – just edit to include the band you are voting for, @MusicExpressCA and #TMEA2015 and you are good to go!

So light up the twittersphere! Every single tweet (that has the right info in it!) counts as a vote – so tweet/vote as often as you like. You’ve got 13 days to determine the fates of our nominees – let the voting begin continue!

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8 thoughts on “TME Awards 2015 – Now With More TWEET!

  1. Joanne Kokol

    YEAH! thanks Kirk :)

    1. kirk

      We do what we can! :)

  2. Karon Hagon

    Only problem with that is the artist twitter feed is going to be full of votes.

  3. TweeterMonkeyMan

    The voting mechanics are driving me BANANAS!! Another bad Apple…Twitter isn’t linked to the individual category comment sections…Definitely need a more user friendly Monkey wrench… Tooty Fruity awe Rooty……

  4. betuca11

    Do retweets count?? It is hard to keep doing over and over again. This is not easier…. :(

    1. kirk

      Hi – Yes, retweets count since they contain the same information as an original tweet and will be counted in our tallys at the close of voting.

  5. Scott

    My only concern is that the site doesn’t give a clear view of the votes once it passes 1000. For example, my band has 1200 votes in their category. I can see that it says 1.2k. The next band may have 1100 votes because I can see they have 1.1k. Now that may be 1100 or it may be 1199. I don’t know where they are in relation to the band I’m voting for. Now add on top of that all these votes from Twitter that I can’t see until after the fact. Normally once my band is 200-300 votes ahead, I wouldn’t bother so much about the competition. But now there are some unknown number of votes coming in from some other place that I can’t see so I never have a true sense of where the contest is. Which means the only solution is to continuously keep voting and running up the score regardless of anything else. I’m not restrained by 1 vote at a time. I have the ability to vote as much as I want, as long as I want to take the time to sit and do it. If I have to blow the lead up to 500 I will. But if 200 will do, that’d be better.

  6. Christine T

    On my Samsung Mobile phone the main menu tab was mostly covered by the red BREAKING tab. I almost gave up trying to vote until I found where the menu was hiding.

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