Todd Kerns – Borrowing Trouble

(Cai Rip Records) Tagged as the greatest rock singer no one’s ever heard of, former Age Of Electric frontman Todd Kerns has taken a bus man’s holiday from his regular gig playing bass for former Guns N Roses guitar slinger Slash, to record a solo release, Borrowing Trouble. Recorded in memory of his good friend Greg Verdusco, you would expect with Kerns’ hard rock connections, that he would release a balls-to-the-wall rock record – but not so! Mr Kerns executes a 360 degree turn and has instead issued 12 tracks of acoustically arranged material that totally spotlights his amazing lyrical and song writing talents. From the opening `Nothing Personal’ which highlights the trials and tribulations of young people trying to make it in Hollywood, to his stunning cover of Daniel Lanois’ `The Maker’, Kerns offers stripped down arrangements which total focus on a great vocal performance to deliver a batch of insightful lyrics. From straight ahead love songs like `This Changes Everything’ and `It’s Always Been You’ to songs like `Hideous’ which comment on some one’s evaluation of self-worth, the selection of songs here could easily of been given the full rock arrangement treatment and an appearance by Slash would have surely heightened this record’s commercial value. But Kerns has forsaken that route to make a very personal statement. It’s a statement that bodes well for the future. Kerns may be in the spotlight as Slash’s bass player but his own talents will eventually get recognized.

Suggested Downloads: Nothing Personal, This Changes Everything, The Devil In Me

Borrowing Trouble - Todd Kerns

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