The Trews Announce New Album ‘Wanderer’

The Trews – Wanderer – Photo by – David Bastedo
Earlier this year, rock ‘n’ roll heavyweights The Trews came out strong with their pandemic anthem “I Wanna Play”, an ode to all the things we’ve missed during the lockdown. Today the band announced their upcoming full-length album Wanderer, due November 19 via Known Accomplice. The album will include “I Wanna Play” among a collection of 13 additional brand-new songs including the title track “The Wanderer” which they are excited to share today.

From its opening bluesy guitar licks to its driving chorus, “The Wanderer” sets the tone for the straight-ahead rock record The Trews will deliver to fans eager to rock out. As Colin MacDonald sings “Pluck a melody from my memory. Steal a thought from my head. Solitary time is no good for me. No man’s an island.”
Wanderer, the blazing seventh studio album from the band, is easily their fiercest and most accomplished yet. Wanderer could not have achieved its acrobatic feats of sonic power had it not been for the lamentable, awful but also weirdly inspiring and motivational global pandemic which made touring impossible and writing and recording the only games in town.
“This is a really strong rock record from start to finish. Every song was mulled over extensively,” guitarist John-Angus MacDonald says. “The pandemic bought us more time which you always need with songwriting. There are songs that would not be on this record had it happened another way.” Adds singer/guitarist Colin MacDonald “We accidentally honed our recording skills because there was no live show to get to.”

Who could have predicted that electrifying recording sessions begun in Nashville in December 2019 with Black Crowes guitarist and long-time Trews friend Rich Robinson would be curtailed by a global pandemic, resulting in just three songs being completed? With the borders closed – it leads to the guys staying within Canada to once again work with Civilianaires producer Derek Hoffman, yielding three more songs with the fast-rising producer. With the Robinson/Hoffman sessions banked, six additional songs — including the lead single “I Wanna Play” were recorded in Toronto in 2020 with acclaimed producer Eric Ratz.
In the end, those three disparate, COVID-dictated sessions forced the chart-topping, globe-trotting crew, which also includes bassist Jack Syperek, drummer Chris Gormley, and keyboardist Jeff Heisholt, to cohere as a band as never before. The results speak for themselves.
Shows are back and The Trews are READY. See below for a list of upcoming show dates recently announced.
The Trews - The Wanderer
The Trews – The Wanderer
Where Do You Go?
I Wanna Play
Can’t Afford to be Lonely
Lonely in the City
Hidden Gem
Faith & Fumes
The Wanderer
Another Year Zero
Song To Future Me
Can’t Control Myself
Aug 01 – Tyne Valley, PEI – Rock The Boat Festival
Aug 02 – Lunenburg, NS – Lightship Breweries (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Aug 07 – Kitchener, ON – Kitchener Blues Festival
Aug 08 – Edmonton, AB – Exhibition Lands (Together Again Event Series)
Aug 13 – Ore Medonte, ON – Burl’s Creek
Aug 21 – Elora, ON – Riverfest Elora
Aug 26 – Huntsville, ON – Huntsville Fairgrounds (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Aug 27 – Huntsville, ON – Huntsville Fairgrounds (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Aug 28 – Regina, SK – Queen City Exhibition
Sept 01 – Burnstown, ON – Neat Cafe (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Sept 02 – Burnstown, ON – Neat Cafe (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Sept 03 – Burnstown, ON – Neat Cafe (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Sept 04 – Burnstown, ON – Neat Cafe (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Sept 05 – Burnstown, ON – Neat Cafe (Trews Acoustic Trio)
Nov 07 – Miami, FL – Rock Boat
June 10 – Sarnia, ON – Suncor Agora – Bluewater Health

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