The Kids Are Not Alright: The Danger Bees Murdered

So what’s a poor boy to do! You and your mates are trying to impress that certain girl and her friends by staging a birthday party for her when along comes the band, booked to provide the entertainment and they start to attract all the attention. Only one thing to do – kill the band!

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″ video_id=”SV-yGIvUSpE”]

That’s the premise of The Danger Bees’ debut single “Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don’t Answer Anymore)” from their new `Wyatt’ cd release which depicts the quasy gruelsome demise of this quartet originally heralding from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Band members Dave Macmichael (lead vocals/piano), Ed Kramer (guitar), James MacNeil (drums), Josh Gillard (guitar) and Mike Dorton (bass) have already made a breakthrough at Q-104 radio in Dartmouth and recently debuted the new release with a concert at Toronto’s famed Horseshoe Tavern January 11th. Their new release is on Karen Bliss’s Daycare Records.

Photography by: Luther Mallory

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