The Jeff Healey Band – House On Fire

(Eagle Rock North) Subtitled, The Jeff Healey Band Demos & Rarities, this 11-track recording, released to commemorate Healey’s untimely death on March 2nd 2008, is as suggested, a collection of demos from his vast vault of unreleased material including covers of Bruce Springsteen’s `Adam Raised A Cain’, Bob Seger’s We’ve Got Tonight and Bobby Whitlock’s Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed. Healey’s own tracks aren’t too shabby either with the lead track `House On Fire’ and Face Up’ spotlighting Healey’s fiery R&B guitar solos and his more laid-back blues ballad treatment of `Too Late Now’ and `Joined At The Heart’. Add his bluesy instrumental `Bish Bang Boof’ and you have the essence of vintage Jeff Healey. Supported as always by bassist Joe Rockman and drummer Tom Stephen, House On Fire reflects material recorded between 1992 and 1998 and hopefully is a signal that Healey’s remaining unreleased material will finally see the light. On his death, a number of record labels were scavenging through his tapes and even this release was not approved by the Jeff Healey estate. Eagle Rock Entertainment has turned Healey’s work into a cottage industry of released live CDs and DVD’s, House On Fire being their sixth Healey release. An appropriate CD to reflect Healey’s brilliant legacy, House On Fire is a must acquisition for any fan of blues/rock. Just be aware that a whole bunch of Healey releases that have been approved by the Healey Estate are en route.

Suggested Downloads: House On Fire, We’ve Got Tonight, Joined At The Heart

The Jeff Healey Band

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