The Fats Has Left The Building

The world’s blues community is in mourning today at the news of the passing of Antoine `Fat’s’ Domino. The New Orleans’ native dead from natural causes at the age of 89.

Lauded as an artist who recorded one of the first ever rock n roll records with his 1949 recording of “The Fat Man”, Domino’s unique triplet-based piano style positioned New Orleans firmly on the music scene. Hits like “Blueberry Hill”, “Ain’t That A Shame” and “Blue Music” have become rock music classics.

Inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 1986, Domino’s distinctive style has been copied by a number of rock music luminaries including Paul McCartney and Randy Newman.

McCartney admitted that his production of “Lady Madonna” was a total salute to Domino while Newman said “I was so influenced by Fats Domino, that it’s still hard for me to write a song that’s not a  New Orleans shuffle”. This is evident in a number of Newman’s hit compositions such as “Mama Told Me Not To Come “and “Back On My Feet Again”.

When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, there was concern that Domino, who had decided to stay in his Crescent City, had been killed by the storm. Someone even spray painted R.I.P Fats on the side of his house. Fortunately, Domino and his family were rescued by a coastal helicopter.





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