TERRY DRAPER – When The World Was Young

(Magentalaine Records)
That mystery band that was Klaatu Is long gone but one third of the trio’s creative force, Terry Draper is still flying the band’s flag with solo recordings that still maintain the band’s Eighties’ mentality. Listening to the record’s title track plus other songs like `All The King’s Men’, `To Whom It May Concern’ and `No Life Before You’ and it’s easy to identify the psychedelic influences of that Klaatu period which drew heavily from the likes of the Moody Blues, early Genesis and the Sgt Pepper Beatles period. There is no effort here to be current or trendy; the production is centred on re-creating that Eighties sound but for the most part, the end result produces some cheery uplifting tracks like `Carry On’ , `Honey B’ and `In the Sun’. Where the record comes unstuck is when Draper tries to get adventurous on elongated compositions like `The Charge Of the Light Brigade’ or `The Tea Horse Road’. These tracks just seem at odds with the rest of the record’s more light hearted spirit. This may be a vanity record for Draper but he is still able to exude some of the character and creativity of those former Klaatu masterpieces.

Download: `To Whom It May Concern’, `No Life Before You’, `When The World Was Young’.

Dr. Jingles BDP 04-03-2011 (10)

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