Scotty Newlands – Starting Over

(Blue Sapphire/Universal) The armed forces dude at the major Toronto sports event, singing the Canadian national anthem was probably Scotty Newlands. An active member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Newlands has been a regular fixture at the Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre, belting out both `Oh Canada’ and `The Stars And Stripes’ while moonlighting as a singer/songwriter, recording artist. His latest release, `Starting Over’ spotlights a collection of ten, mostly melodic, radio friendly ballads. One song in particular, `Living Is Easy’ has strong potential and in general, Newlands’ vocals are clear and the material’s production is clean and simplistic. Yet, you do get the feeling Newlands would be better served as a writer for other performers. Unless you happen to be a teenage, youtube phenom, it’s tough sledding making your mark as a new performer these days. Still, give Newlands credit for a stylish effort, reflected in his new single,`The Writer’, the aforementioned `Living Is Easy’ and `Don’t Wanna Get Over You’.

Suggested Downloads: Living Is Easy, The Writer

Starting Over - Scotty Newlands

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