Scott Richmond. Come What May

(Self Released)

Sometimes major talent emerges from some unlikely places. Scott Richmond grew up in rural Saskatchewan but this release packs all the professionalism of a top-notch Nashville recording. And that’s because it was recorded at Nashville’s East Side Manor  Studios under the direction of producer Gabe Masterton. To call Richmond a country/blues player would be an injustice because his repertoire of earthy country and tasty blues stylings is difficult to categorize. Think of The Band, mixed in with Garth Brooks mixed in with Pearl Jam’s Eddy Vedder and you have some idea of this performer’s unique talents. The 10 tracks on Come What May are recorded with

Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond

minimum production, allowing for a rawness and purity in production that becomes infectious. Tracks like `Smooth Talker’, `Rain On the Rooftop’ , `Two Years‘ and Fade Into Silence” are spiced up by piano, guitar, banjo and fiddle arrangements but it’s always Richmond’s plaintive vocals that carry the tracks. Supported by the likes of Colin Linden (Black & The Rodeo Kings/Colin James), Kris Wilkinson (Bruce Springsteen/Neil Young) and Kim Morrison , Richmond also exhibits a flair for hitting a commercial nerve with “White Whiskey and Bourbon” and “You’ll Be In My Heart” both boasting anthemic lyrical arrangements  that scream hit potential. A truly outstanding release from a performer who just oozes hit potential. And what is even more amazing is that no label has yet to pick this record up – they are missing out on a sure-fit hit release!

Download: “White Whiskey And Bourbon”, “Rain On The Rooftop”, “Two Years Gone”.

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