RUSH: Clockwork Angels Live

This iconic Canadian band, noted for re-releasing live versions of new studio records, have really outdone themselves this time. Just in time for Christmas (go figure!), Rush top off an amazing year in which they were inducted into The Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, by releasing a Clockwork Angels Live package in four separate configurations.

RUCLDVO013000_001Recorded in Phoenix, Arizona November 25th 2012 and in Dallas Texas November 28th 2012, Clockwork Angels is released as a three CD audio record, a two DVD concert special, a Blu-Ray live concert disc and for those hard core Rush fans, a select 5,000 units of a Deluxe Package which features all three CD’s and all three DVD’s plus a 36-page hard copy book and a special Hugh Syme litho which can be yours for just $99.99 (plus GST).

The three CD audio discs contain tracks from their three-hour live set which features a combination of classic tracks like “Tom Sawyer”, “The Spirit Of Radio”, and “2112” along with 80’s era songs like “The Analog Kid”, “Territories “and “Subdivisions” and there’s even songs like “The Body Electric” and “Middletown Dreams” which the band hadn’t performed live before.

The Clockwork Angels tour also marks the debut of the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble, to perform an instrumental medley that features “Headlong Flight”, “YYZ” and “Red Sector A” the first time outside musicians have been utilized. Also featured are three Neil Peart drum solos.

RUCLDV_setThe two DVS and one Blu-Ray disc also includes a 25-minute documentary titled “Can’t Stop Thinking Big” which includes band interviews with bassist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neal Peart as well as outtakes and a special viewing of the band executing a sound check for “Limelight”

[youtube width=”390″ height=”220″ video_id=”EA4hSlSjiec”]

A package that is the crowning glory for an amazing year by an amazing Canadian musical institution.

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