Rik Emmett – Then Again

(Rockit Sounds) The future of Triumph as an on-going entity may be in doubt but that hasn’t stopped guitarist Rik Emmett from paying homage to his band’s illustrious past by joining forces with Dave Dunlop to record a set of acoustic versions of his previous hits.

Songs like `Never Surrender’, `Fight The Good Fight’, `Lay It On The Line’, `Hold On’ and the majestic `Magic Power’ hold up to this acoustic treatment because, in their rawest form, these songs are singer-songwriter creations in their own right. Emmett has simply stripped the arrangements down to their barest form and then added acoustic duets with his performing buddy Dunlop. Add to this some of the classic guitar interludes Emmett used to perform with Triumph, most noticeably; `Midsummer Daydream’, `Petit Etude’ and `Fantasy Serenade’ and you have a complete acoustic work of the Triumph songbook.

If you are a Triumph fan, Then Again is a must addition to your collection. But even if you are not a hard rock fanatic, even the most purist guitar fan will be impressed by Emmett’s performing dexterity and lyrical talents.

Suggested Downloads: `Magic Power’,`Suitcase Blues’, `Ordinary Man

Then Again… Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue - Rik Emmett

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